My name is Dan; I used to teach Mathematics (and still kind of do); now I am trying to write software for a living. I grew up in Seattle and currently live in Durham, North Carolina with my son (born in Jan of '21) and his mother.

I like to write software, using Rust as much as possible. I also enjoy playing music, pulling plastic, reading fiction, and chasing my son around our relatively small house.

If you would like to get in touch with me, whether it's about something I've written here or not, you can find me

Trans rights, as with the rights of all unjustly marginalized groups, are human rights. Black lives matter. In the richest country on earth, it's an embarrassment that healthcare, education, food, clean water, and housing are not legally human rights. The private prison industry is is a blight on humanity and a stain on the collective soul of our society. The inevitable results of capitalism are dehumanization, exploitation, and destitution.