Jan 30, 02:08 PM

I have been blogging about solving the Protohackers problems, and it’s been working out pretty well for me. Forcing myself to explain what I’m doing has generally made me arrive at better solutions than I arrived at when I just dove in and tried a few of them. My next “real” project is going to be a messaging service featuring end-to-end encryption, and I figured that since blogging is working out well for me, I’d try blogging my way through this, too. I am hopeful that it’ll lead to a better solution.

First Thoughts

I’m aiming for something MVPish that can be expanded later if I end up liking it. Let’s get some features I’ve been kicking around in my head down on…metaphorical paper:



This seems like enough of a musculoskeletal plan to at least get going. There are certainly some important decisions to be made, chief of which I think is

This document may evolve before more progress is made.